About The Artist

Why, hello there! Welcome to Encircled Wreath!

I’m excited to share this artistic journey with you. Art is one of my ‘happy places’. So is cheesecake, but that’s another story. From childhood to now, whether I was drawing, making jewelry, knitting, painting canvasses, printmaking, framing, designing cakes & cupcakes, the act of creating something has almost always brought me to life!

I once thought becoming an interior designer was the right path for me, but right before the final year of my College fine arts program, I was involved in a nearly fatal truck accident where the driver lost control of the vehicle. Life took a dramatic turn that surprisingly brought an incredible change in me. In short, I became an ordained minister. Ministry is all about people and I had no idea that it was preparatory ground for the next exciting chapter of my life!

I certainly didn’t know that becoming a business owner was IN me. However, once again, life took a turn and on December 2nd of 2018, Encircled Wreath was born! I have quickly found that nobody starts a business by themselves. It’s a TON of work lol. I am beyond grateful for the many hands, wise advice and caring support surrounding me on SO many levels, starting with 3 rare gems: my loving husband & our wonderful boys! To all my amazing supporters, please know I appreciate you dearly.

As an artist, I always aim for the highest quality in all my work. That means investing the time and effort to ensure every wreath I make is something you can be proud to display. A key part of my vision is to create collections that are unique & provide variety for many different tastes in décor. One other thing; I absolutely adore people & LOVE hearing the sound of laughter! So I made spreading JOY in this hurting world one of my daily goals. I hope you will find that Encircled Wreath encompasses all of my above passions in one way or another.

Thank YOU for being part of this dream as I give it all I got! I am blown away and am truly thankful.


~ Shyla


You have encircled me;
You have placed Your hand on me.
Ps 139:5 (HCSB)